Scott-Nichol by Pantherella


Scott-Nichol Men's Socks - Quintessentially English fine and heavy gauge socks

Made at the Pantherella factory in Leicester, in the heart of England, Scott-Nichol socks are all hand-finished to the highest standards demanded by the world's finest sockmakers. Scott-Nichol use a 'leisure knit' that is a higher gauge than usually used by Pantherella, and this creates a versatile, leisure sock for the discerning gentleman.

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About Scott-Nichol

Scott-Nichol’s ancestors have been associated with wool production for over six hundred years. This depth of heritage and textile expertise are the foundation of every Scott-Nichol sock.


The company was originally founded in the 1930s by John Scott-Nichol and established in Factory Street, Shepshed, on the edge of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire, England.


In 2006 the brand was acquired by the Hall family who have been involved with the manufacture of socks in Leicestershire since ‘Honest John’ Hall started making hosiery in 1882.


Since 2006 all Scott-Nichol socks have been made in our family owned factory on Hallaton Street in Leicester, England, the home of the iconic Pantherella Fine English Sock brand.


Scott-Nichol Socks

Scott-Nichol source outstanding natural fibres to create unique and distinctive hosiery. Each carefully hand finished collection of socks are renowned for their unrivalled comfort and durability in more ‘active’ situations, making them the perfect companion for country retreats and outdoor escapades.


Scott-Nichol Wool socks are knitted from a blend of warm virgin wool taken from a sheep’s first shearing, with a touch of nylon for added fit and longevity.


Scott-Nichol Soft Cotton socks are knitted from a blend of super-soft ringspun cotton, with a touch of nylon for added durability and a snug fit.