Leisure Knit (96 Stitch) - Men's Socks

Pantherella's Leisure-Knit socks are our thickest socks, perfect to wear when relaxing at the weekend or evening, and can paired up with boots or casual shoes.

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  • Waddington Cashmere 5x1 Rib - Men's Sock

  • Packington 5x1 Rib - Merino Wool

  • Raynor 5x1 Rib - Egyptian Cotton Socks

  • Sullivan Tower Block Stripe - Luxury Cotton Blend

  • Racton Argyle - Merino Wool

  • Racton (Long) Argyle - Merino Wool - Long Men's Socks (Over The Calf)

  • Stella Double Block Stripe - Egyptian Cotton Men's Socks

  • Beall Three Colour Block - Egyptian Cotton Men's Socks

  • Lubalin Graphic Line Bands - Egyptian Cotton Men's Socks

  • Rothersay Cashmere Ribbed Diagonal Line Men's Socks

  • Turnmill Argyle Egyptian Cotton - Men's Sock

  • Stretton Cashmere 7x1 Rib Narrow Stripe Men's Socks

  • Eden Recycled Cotton 4x2 Rib Two Colour Block Stripe Men's Socks

  • Phoenix Recycled Cotton 4x2 Rib Narrow Stripe Men's Socks


14 Item(s)

The Official Pantherella website provides the largest collection of Pantherella's Men's Socks available anywhere. World-wide delivery, hassle-free returns, and the knowledge that you're buying directly from the factory in Leicester, England.

Why are Pantherella's Men's Socks the best dress socks you can buy?

Pantherella brings together the combination of the best yarns in the world, a design and knitting process that has been honed for over 80 years, the signature 'hand-linked' toe-seams, and a commitment to creating the world's finest socks.

What makes a Luxury Men's Sock?

The Pantherella name is synonymous with quality and luxury, and Pantherella is committed to a minimum standard of excellence. Pantherella's fine gauge dress socks share the following features that make them the best in the world.

  • Fine-linked Toe Seams - a virtually undetectable, flat seam on all of our fine gauge dress socks
  • Fine-Gauge Knit - all Pantherella Men's dress socks are knitted on a very fine gauge, the most common fine gauge Pantherella socks using 200 stitches around the circumference of the sock leg.
  • Generous Elastic Top - to ensure the socks stay in place without pinching or rubbing
  • Increased Knitting Tension - with a higher stitch density than other socks, Pantherella socks 'hug' the leg and foot better without the need to add elastane
  • Reinforced Toe - using carefully colour-matched nylon we reinforce the toe area to resist abrasion.
  • Extended Reinforced Heel - extending beyond the usual wear area, the reinforced heel also adds durability to this area of heavy wear.
  • Smooth Sole - the flat-knit sole provides every day comfort and a uniform fit throughout the foot area.
  • World's Best Yarns - from luxurious cashmere, the finest mercerised cotton lisle, through to the best quality merino wool, all of the finest quality.
  • Hand-Finished Quality - hand-finished to the most strict quality levels ensure a consistent sock worthy of the Pantherella brand