Solid Colour

Solid Colour

The Solid Colour Collection of socks are your best of basics. Pantherella's solid colour collection of socks gives you a great choice of classic plain colours in the finest materials from Merino Wool to cotton lisle socks. Classic style and unparalleled quality make Pantherella's solid colour sock collection one of the worlds finest.

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  • Waddington Cashmere 5x1 Rib - Men's Sock

  • Pembrey Sea Island Cotton - Men's Sock

  • Pembrey (Long) Sea Island Cotton - Men's Long Sock (Over the Calf)

  • Waddington (Monogram) Cashmere Men's Pantherella Socks - With Monogramming

  • Asberley (Long) 9x1 Rib Luxury Silk Socks - Long Men's Socks (Over The Calf)

  • Rutherford (Long) 5x3 Rib Merino Royale Wool Long Men's Socks (Over the Calf)

  • Asberley Luxury Silk 9x1 Rib Men's Socks

  • Knightsbridge 100% Fine Cashmere Socks by Pantherella

  • Knightsbridge (Long) 100% Fine Cashmere - Men's Long Socks (Over The Calf )

  • Baffin 100% Silk 5x3 Rib Tailored Socks


10 Item(s)