The Pantherella gentleman has many facets to his lifestyle and that is why here at Pantherella we create collections of the worlds finest socks made from luxurious yarns to cater for every eventuality our customer may face. Choose from our Vintage Collection, Business Classics for those classic go to styles. Business Modern for a brighter, bolder statement. Trend Inspired takes the lead straight from the catwalks around the world to offer you on trend, design led collections. Solid Colour, Luxury Leisure Cashmere for when only total opulence will suffice and Lifestyle Leisure for those precious downtime moments when relaxed comfort is a must.

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  • Kilburn All Over Stripe - Fil d'Ecosse / Cotton Lisle Men's Socks

  • Shine Rainbow Stripes - Sports Luxe - Egyptian Cotton Sports Socks

  • Barrington Birdseye Jacquard Stripe Fil d'Ecosse Men's Socks

  • Miyako Multi Stripe Sea Island Cotton Men's Sock

  • Pelham (Long) Pinstripe - Fil d'Ecosse / Cotton Lisle Long Men's Socks (Over the Calf)

  • Pelham Pinstripe - Fil d'Ecosse / Cotton Lisle Men's Socks

  • Quakers All Over Stripe - Merino Wool

  • Spirit Egyptian Cotton - Sports Luxe – Men's Sports Socks with Cushioned Sole

  • Sprint Egyptian Cotton - Sports Luxe - Men's Trainer Socks with Cushioned Sole

  • Sienna Stripe Invisible Socks - Egyptian Cotton

  • Santos 1x1 Shadow Rib - Fil d'Ecosse Socks

  • Rockley Recycled Cotton 4 x 2 Rib Block Stripe Men's Socks

  • Bayfield 10 x 1 Rib with 3 Colour Stripe Wool Men's Sock


13 Item(s)