Herringbone - Women's Socks

Herringbone - Women's Socks

Women's Socks by Pantherella in Herringbone

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What are Over-the-Calf Socks?

Pantherella's Long/Over-the-Calf socks have a leg length of about 18 inches / 45.5cm (for our size Medium stretch-socks), which brings the top of the sock to just below the knee, sitting comfortably over the calf. Many gentlemen prefer the long dress sock for comfort and the secure fit of the sock that will stay up all day.

Pantherella Standard Length Men's Socks

Pantherella's standard length socks (also called 'short' or 'long anklet') are made longer than most other quality sock makers, with a leg length of about 12 inches / 30cm (for our size Medium stretch-socks). This helps the sock sit more comfortably on the leg, and also reduces the risk of exposing bare skin.