Men's Dress Socks

The World's Finest Dress Socks, made from the best quality yarns. Pantherella's range of dress socks are all made in the factory in Leicester, England, where they've been made since 1937. They feature the signature smooth toe-seam as you'd expect from dress socks of this quality.

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  • Waddington Cashmere 5x1 Rib - Men's Sock

  • Pembrey Sea Island Cotton - Men's Sock

  • Pembrey (Long) Sea Island Cotton - Men's Long Sock (Over the Calf)

  • Rutherford 5x3 Rib Merino Royale Wool Men's Socks

  • Waddington (Monogram) Cashmere Men's Pantherella Socks - With Monogramming

  • Miyako Multi Stripe Sea Island Cotton Men's Sock

  • Asberley (Long) 9x1 Rib Luxury Silk Socks - Long Men's Socks (Over The Calf)

  • Rutherford (Long) 5x3 Rib Merino Royale Wool Long Men's Socks (Over the Calf)

  • Asberley Luxury Silk 9x1 Rib Men's Socks

  • Knightsbridge 100% Fine Cashmere Socks by Pantherella

  • Knightsbridge (Long) 100% Fine Cashmere - Men's Long Socks (Over The Calf )

  • Baffin 100% Silk 5x3 Rib Tailored Socks

  • Baffin (Long) 5x3 Rib - 100% Silk Tailored Socks - Long Men's Socks (Over The Calf)


13 Item(s)

The World's Finest Dress Socks

Pantherella has been creating the best dress socks in the heart of the UK since 1937, and these socks are recognised globally as the finest dress sock money can buy.


Smooth Toe Seam

All Pantherella's fine-gauge dress socks boast the signature smooth toe-seam for comfort, as should be expected in a premium dress sock.


Finest Yarns

Using the highest quality Fil d'Ecosse, Merino Wool, Cashmere and Sea Island Cotton, Pantherella ensures that only the best fibres go in to the making of their dress socks. Knitted to a fine-gauge specification, the resultant dress socks are hard-wearing, and look as good after countless uses and washes as they did on the day they were purchased.


Standard and Long Length; Stretch Socks and Tailored Ranges

The official Pantherella website offers the widest range of Pantherella dress socks available. Standard length dress socks and Over-the-Calf (Long) socks are available according to your preference. Pantherella also offers standard stretch socks and a range of tailored socks. The stretch socks contain an amount of nylon to provide a stretch, comfort fit, as well as being used to provide reinforcement of the heel and toe areas. The tailored dress sock ranges contain 90% or 100% quality natural yarns, either Merino Wool, long staple length Fil d'Ecosse, or even 100% cashmere for a completely decadent experience. Tailored socks do not have as much stretch in the yarn, so these dress socks are made to fit individual shoe sizes.